WELCOME TO MIN PIN LODGE! We are Rusty & Tonya Denison, we breed AKC Miniature Pinchers and AHMPC Harlequin Pinschers. We are located in North East Texas on 2 wonderful acres where the dogs can run, hunt, and play! 1.5 acres is securely fenced just for them. 

We had a Miniature Pinscher named Reba for 15 years before she passed away. We were heartbroken and searching for a puppy to call our own.
After long hours of searching and not being able to find a reputable breeder we finally found Alice and Lucy!
We knew how difficult it was to find a decent puppy, so we decided to start breeding on a small scale, and we acquired Tango!!
In our journey of research and learning all we could about breeding; we came across our mentor Janice Burns with Hilltop Harlequins!
We immediately fell in love with the Harlequin Pinscher and had to have a pack to call our own.
We want the best for the breed and believe it can be achieved through ethical breeding, education, and exposure. 
If you want to learn about breeding ethically and honestly, We are always willing to help. 

Our dogs are not raised outside, or in small cages, they are a vital part of our family.
They primarily live in our home, have their own room, (they have the house, we just live here).
We do have a stud facility (not attached to our home & equipped with a seperate yard) for the boys when females are in heat. 
This resuces stress on the pack by not being housed in the same area.
Space allows for males and females to be separated when females are in heat which allows us to selective breed, or not breed at all.

They all have names, pedigrees, and their own personalities that shine through.
Our adults are DNA tested for known disease to the breed. This includes (but not limited to) MPS VI, PLL, Cystinuria, Hyperuricosuria, and DM.

We have a separate whelping room for our new mommys and puppies with customized whelping areas to allow for easy disinfection and cleaning.
It also allows space in the event there is more than one litter if necessary.
Whelping areas allow mom to be in a quiet area where other dogs do not have access to her or the puppies keeping everyone content and secure.
Cameras in the whelping areas allow us to keep a close eye on mom and babies 24 hours a day!
We strive to deliver quality puppies by selective breeding for health, coat color/texture, temperament and structure.
We utilize Puppy Culture and Mad Cap University in our program so your puppy can develop mentally in a positive manner.

Our main priority is ensuring the health and well-being of all our animals from conception until they leave with their furever family - our commitment to you and your new puppy does not stop at the sell.
We are here to answer questions any time you need us. We also love to see photos of pups we have sold as they grow, and stay in contact with buyers. 

We are proudly affiliated with AHMPC (American Harlequin Miniature Pinscher Club) as well as AKC (American Kennel Club).
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We appreciate your time, thank you for considering MPL for your next puppy!